Trop Junior – the world’s largest short film festival for kids, by kids. it is run by the Australian Children's Television Foundation with Trop Fest.

Leeds Young People's Film Festival  is "looking for exciting and innovative films made both FOR and BY children and young people from across the UK and the world. The films can be shorts or features in any genre (fiction, documentary, animation) and in any format..."

KFKF - Kids For Kids Festival - a film festival for kids with films made by kids.

"The first experimental Kids For Kids Festival was created in 2001. It was held during the 3rd World Summit. The results were encouraging and CIFEJ was asked to implement the project and manage the annual international event. Young filmmakers, aged 6 to 16, from all over the world, were invited to submit their films. The second edition of the Kids For Kids Festival took place in Athens, in June 2004 and was a huge success. A special Sports category was added that year to celebrate the Olympics. Over the next three years, the festival was held in twice Naples, Italy (2005 and 2007) and Nicosia, Cyprus (2006). Again these wonderful events brought together many young people from all over the world and demonstrated the talents and potential of young filmmakers." from About KFKFilm Festival

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LUCAS 2007 31st International Children's Film Festival 2011 will be held in Frankfurt Germany.  Visit their website for this year's details.
European Children's Film Festivals and their deadlines for exhibiting


Fun4Kids Children's Festival Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia celebrates the imagination and creative spirit of all children.  Performances, music, art and crafts.

Yum In My Tum - a food festival just for kids at  Whiteman Park, Perth, Western Australia, WA's only food festival dedicated to children.

Vancouver International Children's Festival has music, plays, dance, stories, puppets and circus acts.

The London Children's Festival is actually in London, Ontario in Canada in June for world-class performances for children of all ages.   A parade, wandering minstrels, clowns, free performances and activities.