hey your websites wicked cool! i cant believe you are all the way from australia we're from the USA why dont you check out our site too!! 

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Recess at my school
We have fruit for recess and the rubbish is put in the compost for the worm farm. The worm 'juice' gets poured on the vege patch at school. This site is awesome. S.B. Mortdale Sydney Australia

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Schools Helping the environment
my school waste My school has a no waste Tuesday,which means every Tuesday if kids have no waste in their lunch box it gives points to their class and the class with the most people who didn't bring waste the class gets a lollie! But if kids do have waste they have to take it home.. from Lizie in Australia



Tue, 18 Apr 2006
recycling in uk school in london

Our school Slade Green Junior has reduced its waste by over 90%! How?

1) We had a school assembly about rubbish and recycling.

2) Year 4 worked out the school’s waste.

3) We made an Action Plan to reduce and re-use as many things as possible.

4) The Action Plan was developed with the help of Waste Watch’s Schools Waste Action Club (visit www.wastewatch.org.uk). It's main focus was on paper, cardboard and organic materials, which made up most of our rubbish.

5)Every classroom has a scrap paper tray so that paper is re-used wherever possible. Every room has a blue bin for recycling paper and card that can’t be re-used.

6)The school kitchen has brown bins where kids put unwanted food at lunchtime. 7) We have ‘Environment Monitors’ who empty the paper bins and make sure nobody puts the wrong materials in the bins.