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Planet Patrol info about the environment

Other good news sites

Wonderful and Weird World News
A collection of weird, wonderful news items and facts in an interactive, safe blog.

The Good News Network - GNN
Only the good news and views from around the world. News with a positive outlook. Monthly updates.

Our Blog
Kids News Network blog
Weekly blog about current happenings and where kids can comment

The Abel Prize site
Here you can learn the history of the prize and read the biography of Niels Henrik Abel after whom the prize is named.

Early Childhood Guide
Information about parenting, learning, child development and health. This Early Childhood Guide provides articles and links to many sites with practical advice for parents, carers and educators. The Early Childhood Guide is a not-for-profit resource, created after feedback from parents and professionals in the area of Early Childhood Education.

Basic, simple steps to save money
3 basic steps - Economic Choice, Compound Interest and Attitude - will help you save money.

The Stockholm International Youth Science Seminar
A week long seminar for young scientists, arranged in connection to the Nobel Prize Awards. 

Science News for Students                                                                                      Founded in 2003, Science News for Students is a free, award-winning online publication dedicated to providing age-appropriate science news to learners, parents and educators. 

Bright Sparks - Homework Help
Easy to understand information to help with homework and projects - the who, what, how, why, where and when of many interesting subjects. Should suit ages 5 to 14 years and their parents

Science News for Kids
Everything to do with science, technology, engineering, transportation, weather...

All Things Good
Blog about all things considered good - craft, helping others, animals, art, health and early childhood

The rainforest site
Click here daily to preserve the rainforests

Dig - archaeology magazine
The fun of archaeology, paleontology, and earth sciences for kids ages 9 and older.

The London Children's Festival
All the info about the International Children's Festival in Canada - activities, tickets, teacher's info.

Kids Awards
ABC Victorian Children's Arts Awards
ABC Local Radio and Fun4Kids Awards to encourage participation in Art

The Young Australian of the Year
"the outstanding achievements of young Australians who have made a substantial contribution to their communities." Hon John Cobb

Our Blog
Kids News Network blog
Weekly blog about current happenings and where kids can comment